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    Embroidery Digitizing

'Embroidery Concept and Design' specializes in premium quality digitizing for the embroidery digitizing industry. With over several years of experience in digitizing, we have professional digitizers working round the clock seven days a week.

'Embroidery Concept and Design' uses the most advanced technology and equipment, as well as a number of first rate embroiders and digitizers with state of art embroidery software. doodle’ has also employed professional art designers who are in charge of modifying patterns. With professional sight, great experience, strict making, doodle’ provides its customers with exquisite embroidery. doodle’ is proud to say that it is one of the world’s best digitizing companies.

'Embroidery Concept and Design' is a team of highly skilled professionals having Worlds best Artists, Designers, Digitizers, Machine Operators and computer professionals with innovative and creative abilities to give best per-tested products to the Industry as per individual requirements.